midasmotions's growing reputation with the 'Big Boys'

Cadbury/SchweppesBy working closely with machinery manufacturers, re-furbisher and end-users we have forged strong valuable links with many large organisations. We feel it's our technical expertise and experience, quality of service, project management skills and ability to respond quickly and efficiently that helps companies like ourselves and our engineering partners prosper in such large corporate climates.

The images here are examples of machines and systems installed at Cadbury plants in the UK and Canada. Like many of the large end-users, Cadbury/Schweppes have their specific technical standards and performance expectations - all are met or exceeded by midasmotion equipment.

Of course such companies purchase new machinery fitted with our equipment, either directly from us or from one of our engineering partners, But there is also a growing culture to re-utilise and re-work existing equipment. This makes obvious sense as such corporations often have a vast array of under-utilised or redundant equipment that we can transform into latest generation high quality efficient machines.

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