Keep a Look-Out for Scorpions
Record ScorpionItalian manufacturers such as Record and Ilapak have had a reputation for many years for building strong but relatively basic entry-level flowrappers. These machines are ideal for conversion to multi-axis electronic control and the huge performance and efficiency improvements that this brings. Firstly, once the mass of mechanical linkages, chains and cogs of their rather old fashioned internal design are removed, there is a large empty cabinet with three shafts simply ready to attach the three replacement servo motors. Secondly there are a lot of them around and they can often be picked up cheaply and, if required, mechanically overhauled very economically. The Record Scorpion, for instance, is such a popular conversion that we have complete kits of every single component ready for us or yourselves to transform these simple work-horses.

This shows the new mechanical internals of an upgraded Ilapak Carrera 500
. It shows how everything is replaced by three simple motors which directly drive the three axes of the machine. There is no dwell unit for the jaw, no film registration equipment, no two-speed infeed assembly, no operator adjustments, and virtually no maintenance - all replaced by the midasmotion system. Even the electrical components fit on the existing panel and take up less room than the old electrics. Then, of course, there's the operation and use of the machine - if you have been used to the original mechanical version you will simply be blown away by it's transformation!
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