Time for Tea with Simple Automaton

multipack tea bags

There's often no need to spend tens of thousands on complex feeding systems. Here are two examples of stacked tea-bags being transferred directly from the tea bag making machine into our 'SimpleFeed' unit which is fitted to the end of an upgraded flowrapper. We supplied a specialist tea company with a refurbished and upgraded Record Scorpion fitted with an integrated 'SimpleFeed' which released six full time staff for other tasks. Typhoo were so impressed with our approach they asked us to replace the entire internal structure of a brand new Ilapak Chinese manufactured machine with our control system and fit an integrated 'SimpleFeed'. The 'SimpleFeed' is suitable for many processes that supply products in a regular continuous manner and can be fitted to almost any used, new or your existing flowrapper as part of a multi-motor upgrade. The feeder is controlled through the same intuitive colour touch display as the rest of the machine. There might be some clever electronics under the skin but it demonstrates how proper design can lead to a simple physical solution - a process practiced every day at midasmotion.

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