Better Than New - in 24 hours

flow-wrapper repairWrapid Contract Services of Manchester had been having reliability issues for a while with one of their hi-tech multi-axis flowrappers. The original agent who sold it to them didn't want to know, the current agent wasn't able to help, and the manufacturer claimed the machine was obsolete - despite being less than six years old!

midasmotion was asked to take a look at the machine. A few hours on-site investigation revealed a couple of problems. When more than one problem exists on any machine, diagnosis tends to be considerably more difficult and, with machines like this, containing specialist components and software, it's even more so. In this case the machine had an intermittent electronic assembly which was obsolete. With our connections and in-depth knowledge of the electronics industry we managed to source a replacement and have it delivered directly to them the following day.

The machine had also been problematic with apparent software issues which the customer had been living with, probably since initial installation. We arranged a convenient repeat visit and exchanged the primary PLC/controller and display with currently available units. We then installed new 'standard' flowrapper software from our extensive software 'library'. All in one day.

With the reliability issues fully resolved and with real operational and performance improvements the machine now more than met their expectations and is more easily maintained in the future.

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